The Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood, also known as the Church of the Resurrection of Christ is located in the historic centre of St. Petersburg on the Griboedov canal. It was built on the behest of Tsar Alexander III in the place where his predecessor Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by an anarchist in 1881.

Fyodor Dostoevsky and St. Petersburg, an indissoluble union. It was here that the great Russian writer lived most of his life and set his most famous novels, feeding on the magical atmosphere that only this city of the land and sea could offer.


The Saint Aleksandar Nevsky Monastery o Saint Alexander Nevsky Lavra is one of the most important in Russia and a symbol of Orthodox spirituality. It is located in the eastern part of St. Petersburg at the spot at which Prince Alexander Yaroslavich in 1240 won a historic victory against the Swedes on the Neva.

The Recidence of Pavlovsk is located about 30 kilometers from St. Petersburg near the town of the same name. It is the most recent of the great imperial residences that were built near the city.

The Catherine Palace is one of the most prestigious imperial residences and is located near the town of Pushkin, 25 km from St Petersburg. Originally Catherine only ordered one estate of modest size, in which the summer could be spent, to be built in 1717.

A Mecca for art lovers, the State Hermitage Museum, thanks to its extraordinary variety and the richness of its art collection