DISCOVER ST. PETERSBURG....admire the city from its best panoramic points BOAT TOURS ALONG THE RIVERS AND CHANNELS....enjoy the atmosphere of the city born from water and built on islands THE CITY TOURS TO DISCOVER THE SIGHTS LOVED BY LOCALS...for example places where newlyweds love to have their pictures taken NIGHT TIME TOURS DURING THE WHITE NIGHTS...let yourself fall in love with the shimmering palaces and the fantastic colours of the sky

Shore excursions in St. Petersburg.
Useful information for the cruise passengers: disembarkation at the port of St.Petersburg, necessary documents, disembarkation procedure, booking of the private shore excursions with local English-speaking guides.

Best of St.Petersburg - one day tour for cruise passengers.
Check out our 1-day shore tour designed specially for cruise passengers to see the best of St.Petersburg. Accompanied by our English speaking local guides you will get to see the main attractions, including excursion to the Hermitage museum and Peterhof residence.

Best of St.Petersburg - two day tour for cruise passengers.
In only 2 days you will see the main attractions of Saint-Petersburg and it's suburbs: Hermitage treasures, fountains of Peterhof, Amber room in the Catherine's palace, Church of our Savior on Spilled blood, you will take a boat trip along rivers and canals of the city.

Walking tour of St. Petersburg.
The Walking tour of St. Petersburg  is a perfect way to discover  its wonders, admire the facades, stroll along the narrow streets, peep into the gateways and breathe the unique atmosphere of this city.

Excursion to the Pavlovsk Palace.
Pavlovsk is the youngest of the grand Imperial estates surrounding St. Petersburg. It' is well worth visiting both for the treasures in the elegant palace such as the great collection of art, it's magnificent interiors and for the charming park. 

Tour to the Catherine's Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin).
The Catherine's Palace in Tsarskoe Selo was the main summer residence of the royal family. The second name of the town is Pushkin. It was called so in honor of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, as his life was closely connected to this town.

Excursion to the Hermitage Museum - find all the masterpieces
An organized excursion to the Hermitage museum will let you admire all the palaces which form the huge museum complex, including famous Winter palace, and enter the Picture gallery where you will get to see all the gems of the Hermitage museum. 

Excursion to the Peterhof Residence (Petrodvorets)
The Residence of Peterhof is situated in about 30 km from St. Petersburg and it is famous not only for its proximity to the Baltic sea but more for its fantastic park with more then 150 fountains of different sizes and shapes.

Day tours and excursions in St. Petersburg
If you are planning a holiday in St. Petersburg our guided tours in English will certainly be of help. You will learn about this city in a way that will enable you to maximize the time available to you by visiting as many of the attractions this wonderful city has to offer as possible.

 City tour of St. Petersburg
If you have little time and you want to see the highlights of the city, by choosing the guided tour in the historical center of St. Petersburg you will get to admire all the most beautiful and charming places of the capital of the Tsarist Empire.


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