Walking Tour of St. Petersburg

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Main Caratteristics of the Walking Tour of St.Peterebsurg
Availability: All days
Tour starts at: 10 a.m.
Duration: 3 hours
Price: from 20 € per person



The Walking tour of St. Petersburg  is a perfect way to discover  its wonders and breathe the unique atmosphere of this city. During the walking tour you will walk along the historical areas of the city, admire the facades of the mensions on the main streets of the city, stroll along the narrow streets and peep into the gateways.

Description of The Walking Tour of St. Petersburg:

You make a stroll along the main street of the city Nevsky Prospect passing by historical buildings dating back to 17-18 centuries: Rossi street and Alexandra's theatre, the Eliseev store, the Arcade and the Merchants yard, the Zinger sawing company building where you still can feel the atmosphere of those times. You will have the opportunity to see Nevsky prospect in the image of the street of religeous tolerance dropping in at the Armenian church, the St.Catherine's roman catholic church, also you will visit the church of Our Lady of Kazan - the main cathedral of St. Petersburg, and stop by the Church on a Spilled Blood. You will see one of the gala squares of St. Petersburg - the St.Isaacs square with dominating St.Isaacs cathedral, the palaces of Senat and Synod and the most famous monument of the city - the Bronze Horseman. Passing by the Admiralty shipyard you will find yourself on the main square of the city - the Palace square - and here you'll get to admire the magnificent buildings of the Hermitage museum with the Winter palace designed in the high baroque style.

The Walking Tour of St. Petersburg includes:

-The walking tour along the historical center of the city
-The entrance to the Armenian church, St.Catherine's church, the Kazan cathedral
-An English-speaking local guide escort


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